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Robbie Fowler and Brisbane Roar Take a Punt on the Gig of A-League


Often the question arises as to whether Robbie Fowler can coach. With the subsiding global publicity blitz and his start of new life as the in charge of Brisbane Roar, that is the only thing which matters.

In case the answer is no, the sugar of Tuesday is going to wear quite fast and the Roar is going to stay where they are now: a tragedy of the A-League. However, if the answer is yes, this is going to be remembered as one masterstroke.

The decision of Brisbane to hand Fowler a two-year deal and his first senior coaching job appears to be a large gamble. The risk is to be borne by both the parties even if skepticism is quite healthy.

In case Fowler is not able to be successful, he is going to be remembered as the legend from Liverpool who failed as a coach in Australia. Thus, his magnetic career is going to come to an end even before it began.

Robbie Fowler does not need this. He had been living a comfortable life and worked as the TV pundit, a part-time academy coach, and the ambassador of Liverpool. It isn’t about money. This is because the real-estate portfolio which is there in England is legendary. The supporters on the terraces of the Premier League used to sing about living in the house of Robbie Fowler with the tune of Yellow Submarine.

He had coveted his position for a long time now. The question is why it didn’t happen for him at home. He himself answers it and says that it might be because he is a forward. He went on to say that he felt that he is somewhat a leader on the pitch and led by example. It seems like people didn’t actually notice that side of him.

This is the reason, he never went down the route to apply for every job under the sun since he wanted to go and get his B License, Pro License, and A License. The reason is that he knew that once he had them, people will start taking him seriously. He hopes that this will show people how passionate and committed he is regarding the game.

The laddish and relaxed personality of Fowler had much to do with it. He was taken as the joker and not as a coach. However, the man who is known as God isn’t actually messing around. He is known to have been the top of the class when he was studying UEFA Pro License. Fowler said all appropriate things when he had been brought in front of the press on Gold Coast.

He said that it is a new start and he wants everyone to back him up as they had done for the other managers. There is loads of work which have to be done and he feels like the man who will be responsible for bringing the old days back

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