About Us

Ultimate A-League started life as a university studio project in 2005, with the aim of building a functional list of players for the then-new Hyundai A-League competition.

After encouragement from studio supervisors, Ultimate A-League rapidly expanded to capture manager, stadium, referee, and — most importantly — match data to supplement the existing player data.

In 2008, a new Records section (now known as Statistics) was added to complete the first version of Ultimate A-League, which was made publicly available at www.ultimatealeague.com later that year.

The 2010s would see Ultimate A-League join the Hamson Design Group, the addition of the Ultimate A-League App (for iOS and Android), the establishment of the Ultimate A-League Podcast (hosted by Kristian Dwyer), along with a News section to produce match reports, opinion, and statistically-focussed articles.

By 2020, Ultimate A-League had shifted focus back to its statistical roots, and a complete rebuild of the website was undertaken. In late 2021, the third major version of the Ultimate A-League website was launched.

Current branding (2013 - Current)

Previous branding (2009-2013)

Initial branding (2005-2009)

Justin Tickner

Justin is the founder and creator of Ultimate A-League. You can follow him on Twitter at @justintickner

A shout-out to the many people who made Ultimate A-League what it is today — be it through investment, content contribution, testing, or simply encouragement along the way:

James Hamson, Kristian Dwyer, Andrew Howe, Rob Scriva, Patrick Barnes, Justin Lyons, Christian Layland, Matthew Latimer, Matthew Carson, David Tickner, Adam Tickner, Mark Szota, Matthew Butler, Ben Pahor, Julian Buckeridge, Bill Molloy, Tim Sperliotis, Nathan Drudi, Damien Loiacono, Joe Gallagher, Peter Macaulay, David Macaulay, Andrew Walton, Justin Cook.

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