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FFA hoping for FIFA World Cup to boost football’s and A-League’s popularity in Australia


Football Federation Australia (FFA) is hoping for people’s interest in the A-League to witness a serious spike after the Socceroos’ campaign in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018.

Regardless of how different players get transferred from one club to the other in the A-League, the nitty-gritties of football transfers don’t hold much relevance when it comes to an international tournament like World Cup. All the countries’ players, regardless of their club loyalties, get together, hoping to bring glory to their nation.

Satisfactory campaign in the World Cup

Millions of Australians tuned into the FIFA World Cup action and have enjoyed the going so far, irrespective of the fact that Australia could not progress to the round of 16 after their 0-2 loss to Peru on June 26. They can still return to their home country with heads held high considering their overall performance in the tournament, having given tough competition to some of the best teams in the world.

It’s been the best month so far for soccer viewership in Australia, ever since the 2015 Asian Cup which the team successfully hosted and won.

FFA Optimistic


David Gallop, the current chief of FFA is hoping that the momentum built up will continue in the domestic Australian league.

A-League witnessed a sort of a downturn, in terms of audience interest, during the 2017–18 season. The viewership wasn’t as expected both in front of the TV screens as well as in the stadiums.

The World Cup competition has provided almost every member of the national team a great opportunity to excel on the international stage. What’s even more interesting is that all of them, including the star players – Josh Risdon and Daniel Arzani – have emerged from the A-League back home.


Difference of opinions

No matter how A-League may be delivering star players to the Australian national team, Matt Leckie, who is counted amongst the best Australian footballers in Russia, doesn’t seem too positive about the sport’s future down under. In his opinion, he doesn’t foresee a major change in terms of people becoming more receptive to the A-League.

However, David Gallop disagrees. In a statement to the press, he said, “I am sure people will be inspired to go and watch people like Josh and Daniel in the A-League. With the prospect of two new clubs joining in the season after next, I think football has a lot of momentum coming out of this World Cup.”

The game of football/soccer normally witnesses a spike in participation after every 4 years, post the conclusion of FIFA World Cup. Gallop is optimistic that the ongoing tournament would result in another major football tournament coming to Australia soon.

He expressed delight at the support soccer has been receiving from millions of Australian fans. The huge media coverage (of FIFA World Cup) has also drawn in a whole new breed of football fans who are now keen on seeing Australians compete with the best in the world.

Photo credit: Getty Images - Michael Dodge, Daniel Kalisz

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