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Luck is no coincidence (sponsored)

kisnorboarmsFootball is a sport with countless variables.

While it may seem as simple as eleven players on a pitch fighting it out against eleven others to score the most goals in ninety minutes, it is not always that simple.

More than just the players on the pitch and the coaching tactics on game day come into winning a game of football.

There are over seven million points of data that can be collected in any ten minutes of a football match.

These points of data can be used to test effect of conditions on players, such as temperature, humidity, altitude and wind speed.

These are studied and analysed during the week leading up to a match to determine the players to select and the best formations and tactics to use.

One of the other variables that can have the biggest impact on a player, is the crowd.

Home advantage can have a huge influence on the result of a match and can intimidate one team or spur on another to record a win.

The crowd can not only influence the players, but also the referee.

In test conditions, referees award 15.5% fewer fouls against the home team.

So next time you’re watching a football match, remember there are countless factors you should take into account before choosing which team you will support.

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