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Podcast 91: Somewhat tactical leaks

The guys talk about Eugene Galekovic’s potential impact upon return, the leaks at the Mariners, and a Mooy-shaped hole at City.

Plus, a full review of round 6, and a look ahead to a round 7 this weekend.

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Featuring: Kristian Dwyer and Justin Tickner.

Length: 39 minutes, 24 seconds.



About the author

avatarJustin is a passionate football fan, and the Editor-in-chief of Ultimate A-League.

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  • Carly Wood

    Aucklander-now Melbournite & Victory supporter here (& gutted I can’t make it home for the match) … North Shore stadium isn’t just on the north shore, it’s on the north of the north shore. Fortunately though it’s directly off the motorway so as long as you have a car it’s actually not too bad and there’s plenty of parking. Public transport just isn’t an Auckland thing ;)