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Player of the Season winner announced

POTY_bannerAfter each game of the 2014/15 A-League season, our Ultimate A-League match reporters have submitted their three “best-on-field” votes for our inaugural Ultimate A-League Player of the Season award.

144 different players polled votes this season, meaning that well over 50% of the players who took part in the A-League this season polled at least one vote in our count.

Well, now that the 135 game regular season has come to an end, we’ve tallied up the votes they submitted and here are our top 3 polling players for the 2014/15 season:


In third place in our #ALeague Player of the Season count is @wellingtonphoenix striker Nathan Burns, with 24 votes.

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In second place in our #ALeague Player of the Season count is @adelaideunited midfielder Marcelo Carrusca, with 26 votes.

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Congratulations to Melbourne City’s Aaron Mooy for taking out the first ever Ultimate A-League Player of the Season award. Aaron polled votes in an impressive 12 of the 25 games he played in this season, more than confirming how worthy he is to be our inaugural winner.

Below is a list of the top 11 vote-getters this season and, later in the week, we’ll be publishing team-by-team vote breakdowns to our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus accounts — so make sure you follow us on one or more of those networks to see how your team’s players went!



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avatarJustin is a passionate football fan, and the Editor-in-chief of Ultimate A-League.

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  • britesparke

    I tend to disagree with these results (no disrespect intended). My reasoning: Carrusca has played the least amount of games than Burns and Mooy therefore by virtue of removing the lowest scores of both of the latter so that the games played equals nine, a totally different result emerges – Carrusca is the winner! Players, through no fault of their own, suffer injury and simply cannot play all matches in the season and this voting system favours the player with the most appearances. In the nine games he has appeared in, there is no doubting the quality of Carrusca (I wish he was in my team!) and, for me, he IS the standout. The others have simply played more games.

  • Ultimate A-League

    That’s an interesting way of looking at it. We definitely can’t fault you on the quality of Carrusca (completely agree that he is one of if not the best in the league), but it’s the” Player of the Season” award, not the “Player of Nine Rounds”.

    The fact that Mooy played more games and had an impact in more games just shows that he was the best player over the entire A-League season. Carrusca might’ve won if not for the injuries, but that’s just a part of football unfortunately.