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Put down your knives and pitchforks FFA Cup lovers.

broadcastIf you’re one of the minority out there who are complaining about Fox Sports’ coverage of the 2014/15 FFA Cup, I have a short but simple message for you: Sit down, shut up and hang on.

Fox Sports and Football Federation Australia have caused an uproar in the last month with the banning of live streams of all matches from the Round of 16 onwards.

“But they’re robbing the fans of the match they want to see,” they all cry with their knives and pitchforks.


“Why don’t they do viewers choice!”

Sometimes you just can’t please the public, and after the great ‘slice of cheese’ that was the live streams in the Round of 32, the public has fallen in love with the idea of watching minnows take out the big boys in a 720p box on their computer screens.

But what they fail to understand is that this is different to the Round of 32.

In the round of 32, Fox Sports chose to only show one matchday in a gamble, one that paid off with widespread applause from the greater footballing populace for their exciting coverage, that concluded with fourth tier South Springvale SC progressing at the end of the night on penalties.

It was exciting, it was tense, and let’s be honest, the South Springvale game was easily superior to the match that they chose on the evening – Broadmeadow Magic v Brisbane Strikers at Magic Park.

So with the fans crying out, asking why they can’t have live streams, there’s a very simple reason for it: Fox Sports are actually covering every game of the Round of 16.

With the eight games to be played over two matchdays, and every game of the Quarters, Semis and Final to be shown live and exclusive, the broadcaster has every right to say, “nope, this is ours exclusively”.

After all, they are the paying rights holder for broadcasting the matches in Australia – it’s part of their licensing agreement – and as such is like a friend of yours demanding to play your Playstation whilst you’re playing on it on the premise that he was allowed to last week when you weren’t doing so.

Over the next two tuesdays, Fox Sports will be serving up a smorgasbord of exciting local football, in the same format that we all knew and loved in the Round of 32.

So, rather than condemning the fact, get behind it and support a team by watching the FFA Cup. Greater viewing numbers may mean that greater coverage can be achieved, and who knows, even further Round of 32 coverage in the near future.

The FFA Cup has taken so long to hit our shores. Let’s enjoy it, rather than bicker over the minute details of online streaming.

About the author

avatarKris is a freelance sports journalist, a two-time WA media guild award winner, and podcast host and writer for Ultimate A-League.

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  • Kyle S

    I don’t think anyone has an issue if fox sports actually provide coverage.
    All news on the internet including the FFA website states only 2 games of the round of 16 will be broadcast, contradictory to what you claim.

    What fans want is to see their own teams play! Not 1 out of 4 games on a Tuesday night. If Fox Sports don’t bother to show the remaining games the clubs should have every right to broadcast the games themselves!!!

  • Kristian Dwyer

    The game tonight will be broadcast with crosses to the three other games. Just like the previous coverage.

  • somon

    Crosses. Exactly. They are not broadcasting the matches.