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From the Statistics section, you access stats and statistics on the A-League, including player statistics, club statistics, referee statistics, manager statistics, stadium statistics, achievement statistics and attendance statistics, on various aspects such as goal scoring, cards, appearances, penalties given, average attendances, and single game and single round statistics.

AppearancesYellow Cards GivenRed Cards GivenTotal Cards Given
Name Nationality Total
Peter Green Australia (Australia) 200
Chris Beath Australia (Australia) 192
Ben Williams Australia (Australia) 160
Jarred Gillett Australia (Australia) 158
Strebre Delovski Australia (Australia) 140
Matthew Breeze Australia (Australia) 118
Shaun Evans Australia (Australia) 111
Kris Griffiths-Jones Australia (Australia) 108
Peter O'Leary New Zealand (New Zealand) 64
Kurt Ams Australia (Australia) 59
Alan Milliner Australia (Australia) 57
Mark Shield Australia (Australia) 57
Alex King Australia (Australia) 51
Stephen Lucas Australia (Australia) 47
Adam Kersey Australia (Australia) 43
Jonathan Barreiro Australia (Australia) 41
Adam Fielding England (England) 36
Daniel Elder Australia (Australia) 33
Gerard Parsons Australia (Australia) 33
Ryan Shepheard Australia (Australia) 32
Matthew Gillett Australia (Australia) 30
Simon Przydacz Australia (Australia) 30
Craig Zetter Australia (Australia) 30
Alireza Faghani Iran (Iran) 21
Lucien Laverdure Australia (Australia) 20
Matthew Conger New Zealand (New Zealand) 19
Ben Abraham Australia (Australia) 12
Angelo Nardi Australia (Australia) 11
Michael Hester New Zealand (New Zealand) 7
Kevin Docherty Australia (Australia) 5
Tim McGilchrist Australia (Australia) 5
Brenton Hayward Australia (Australia) 4
Chris Boyle Scotland (Scotland) 3
Neil Fox New Zealand (New Zealand) 3
Perry Mur Australia (Australia) 3
Takuto Okabe Japan (Japan) 3
Regis Queffelec Australia (Australia) 3
Tim Danaskos Australia (Australia) 2
Kazuyoshi Enomoto Japan (Japan) 2
Koichiro Fukushima Japan (Japan) 2
Kate Jacewicz Australia (Australia) 2
James Lewis Australia (Australia) 2
Yudai Yamamoto Japan (Japan) 2
Jumpei Iida Japan (Japan) 1
Hiroyuki Kimura Japan (Japan) 1
Josh Mihevc Australia (Australia) 1
Ryuji Sato Japan (Japan) 1

* This record excludes figures from Pre-Season games

Exclude finals fixtures from results